Sunday, June 29, 2008

june 28, 1997


Saturday marked eleven years of marriage for me and Aaron! It always creeps up on us- it was Wednesday when he asked me if I realized what day Saturday didn't take me long but he gets the prize because he remembered before I did! Oh my sweet husband. Since the day I knew I would marry him I have considered myself incredibly lucky to have found someone so wonderful to love. I have to pat myself on the back though- yes, I am the one who pursued him! I said hello first, I called him first and I asked him to dance at the New Year's Eve party. What can I say? I saw what I wanted and I went and got it. And it has been very satisfying and rewarding to share a life with this man. Not perfect- but who really wants perfect- it can be predictable and boring...and with Aaron I find myself continually amazed and lifted up and loved beyond my deserving-(sometimes!) Oh- how I love him. Love. Love. Love.