Sunday, October 21, 2007

past halloweens

Halloween 1998: Aaron as Lloyd Christmas
from Dumb and Dumber

Halloween 2004: The Flinstones, Myka was perfect
as 'Pebbles'! (Haily in tummy.)

Halloween 2005-Mamma Butterfly Fairy and Haily Jane Fairy.

Myka was Dorothy, or 'Toto' as she used to say.

Aaron was Dr. Tobias Funke, the world's first
analyst/therapist, of Arrested Development.
(Anyone out there not a fan? Just give the
'Pier Pressure' episode a try and see why we
love it so).

Halloween 2006: Aaron as Cousin Tony from
South Jersey.

Myka was so excited to be Alice in Wonderland! Haily and
her cheeks were the White Rabbit.

This Halloween Myka has found a 'Magical Barbie Pegasus'
costume and I am putting together an 'Annie' costume for
Haily. It's gonna be great 'fro-ing' her hair out with curls
from the mini sponge rollers!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

maris farms: buckley, wa

Pumpkin Patch Time! And we found a really cool
one not far from Tacoma- Maris Farms- it was fully
loaded with hay rides, pony rides, mini-tracktor
racing, petting zoo, haunted forest, bounce house,
corn maze, corn cob cannons and of course, pumpkin pickin'!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


FHE tonight was fun. We talked about missionaries
and then made little ghosts to hang in our front tree.

(There is a shot of Aaron's littlest brother,
Jeff, who is staying with us for a while. He is
very quiet and very shy, but I think he is
warming up to us...)

Hot chocolate and spooky stories in front
of the fireplace was a perfect way to end the
evening. (I love those calves on my hub,
although I am not sure about the socks...)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

rainy saturday

Cold, wet, rainy day! So we did lots of different
indoor activities... first was a huge bubble bath,
then a short movie and hair-dos. This is the first
time Haily's hair has been long enough to put in

Next we made Uncle Jeff's famous 'Corpsegrinder'
cookies. Warm and delicious!

Myka spent a fair amount of time on her Speak & Spell.

And she loves her computer learning games! Her favorites
are The Learning Company's 'Tortoise and the Hare' and
Disney's Magic Artist.

Aaron had to spend most of the day preparing the basement
for Sears to come update our ancient furnace system. Here
he is being so sweet and lettting Haily 'help' him pay bills online.

Oh, me and my general-purpose camera... aside from
the flash glare bouncing off of our maroon wall, this
picture makes me happy on this gloomy, grey day.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

y dance classes

This is my beginning jazz class for 11 years thru adult. These
girls are loaded with energy! They are doing a dance to 'Billy Jean'.
And when I turn on the song for stretching each of them sings at the
top of their lungs to, 'Hey there Delilah' by the Plain White Ts.