Saturday, August 30, 2008

organized in style


I have been looking for a way to hang my little white board calendar for some time now. Our 'office' area is actually a part of our living room so last year we bought a desk and chair that are black and rather elegant looking- and the calendar has to go right above the computer for me to glance at it when I'm emailing or on the phone, so...I wanted the calendar to look nice. I was happy to find this little shelf (@ Target of course) and I think it works rather well!

And it is now almost September with Myka starting kindergarten and me starting a mid-life crisis because when in the name of all that's holy did my baby become a kindergartener!!?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

point & flex


'Point and flex-and-a -point and flex', that's a little singsong phrase that is used in children's dance to help w/ a feet and calf exercise. Haily has perfect 'point and flex' technique.

(And did you happen to notice the self-cut bangs on our little scissor rascal?! At least it wasn't like Myka's first experiment w/ scissors where she cut half way around her head and left a pile of beautiful cinnamon hair on the kitchen floor!)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

audition @ barefoot studio


This is the funky, cool dance studio that my friend Michael helps run through a collective group. We had the audition for our show here this morning.





This was my first experience being on the other side of an audition- I got to sit and watch these lovely dancers learn and perform. Michael taught a hard combination that included three upsidedown moments, a left handed cartwheel and, like, six directional changes- that's tuff stuff to catch in a limited amount of time.

After, I taught an across-the-floor sequence with pelvis shifts, a turn, a roll and a body slide. We were looking for physical, strong dancers who could really move themselves through space powerfully and with great upper body strength. We found them! Our show is at the end of October and I will be posting our choreographic journey as we go along!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

wendy tagged me and so here i go...

I am...a tall, curvy woman.

I think...about my little girls all the time, day and night.

I know...that I have been blessed beyond my understanding and that I should contribute all I can to helping those who have not had my same fortunes in life.

I create (dances, drawings, songs, more babies)

I have...enough

I make a sizable difference in young girls' lives, particularly 'at risk' girls

I hate...that those 'at risk' girls are at risk!

I miss... Utah- the mountains

I fear...letting fear determine too many important decisions in my life

I feel... for those who are lonely

I hear...Haily Jane singing in that sweet, little girl voice, always singing, singing, singing

I sweat right now, I just got done teaching dance

I search...this one has me stumped, I guess I search for reasons for why people do the things they do...I loved my psych classes in college and I love reading psychology books.

I wonder...if I'll have another baby sometime...

I regret...breaking a boy's heart in high school- I wonder if he forgives me (?)

I love...that I was Aaron's first real kiss- hee hee!

I care...about my three brothers. I want them to be successful, find love and happiness.

I always... always, always have a cold diet coke in the fridge

I am not...petite in any way, shape or form, except my ankles, I guess, or my wrists, OK but only those parts, everything else is like Olga, the Russian farmer's wife, or maybe I should be a little kinder to myself...I am big and lovely like Jessica Rabbit, like Marilyn Monroe, like Wonder Woman from the Amazon get the point.

I believe...that one day, there will be peace and hope for everyone

I dance... with my girls all the time

I duets or trios- I have a great alto voice, but I am not a soloist!

I don't...always take my make-up off before bed

I journal about my little girls, my ideas and my questions

I win...wrestling matches with Aaron because he is ticklish and I am not.

I lose...wrestling matches with Aaron because he eventually gets tired of being tickled and just pins me.

I never...try purposefully to hurt someone

I listen...carefully, I am a good listener (my dad is a psychologist, I have learned from a pro)

I can usually be found...doing home improvement projects all around the house, any given day of the week, any time of the day-the next project is learning how to tile a floor

I am scared of...those sad people who would hurt my children if given the chance

I read... way too scary for me books about serial killers- what's the matter with me?

I am happy about...having wonderful friends and family who support me and love my kids.

OK- lets see here...I tag Aaron and Meikel. This actually was fun to do, you find out cool things about yourself. Thanks Wendy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

aaron's movie star crush

Well, I tried to think of a movie star crush I could do a post on and Milla Jovovich popped into my head:

Milla started off modeling and transitioned into acting. She is pretty. She does her own stunts (I don't think Ewan can do his own stunts, but ILM did a convincing job with computer animation in Star Wars.) Blah, Blah, Blah...

But, the one person in Hollywood I really, truely have a crush on is [drum roll please] Jim Carrey:

Ohhhh Yeaaaaah!!!


Sunday, August 17, 2008



This is Ewan. He is Scottish. He is an acclaimed actor who first got Hollywood's attention with his role as 'Renton' in the gritty and gross Trainspotting. I admit to having a slight 'movie star' crush on him, especially after he sang his way into every girl's heart as the lovestruck songwriter in Moulin Rouge. Needless to say, Aaron refuses to sit through Moulin with me and you should just see the look he gives me when we watch any of the newer Star Wars movies and Obi Wan comes on the, killer, jealousy daggers!

According to Aaron I have hidden, amorous plans to steal away in the night and escape to Scotland with Mr. McGregor and I'm just waiting for my chance. It has proven fruitless to try and explain that the reason I woo over him is the same reason my mom and aunties all used to pant over Harrison Ford in the late 70s and all through the 80s. It's fun! Watching great movies with handsome guys in them is just a delight! I am a red blooded, all-American woman with good taste in leading men.

But, what is even more fun is seeing Aaron get frustrated that another man has my undivided, breathless attention. It's sweet and actually kind of hilarious that he gets so mad. I am sure I overdo my interest to push Aaron to his boiling point, and then I make sure to grab him in a huge passionate embrace and whisper my undying devotion into the ears of only man who gets my heart racing in reality...him!

Friday, August 15, 2008

dance audition


MG&MH ARTS are looking for three dancers to be a part of a new dance production @ Barefoot Studios. We are looking for experienced modern, creative, gymnastic and/or ballet trained performers. All levels are encouraged to audition. A strong sense of performance and the willingness to take risks will help you succeed.
Performers who are chosen will recieve a performance stipend, free technique classes, and the chance to work with one of the most innovative groups in Tacoma. Commitment will be two to four hours of rehearsal and a performance weekend at the end of October.

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
9-9:30- registration and self directed warm-up
9:30-11:00- audition fun

Where: Barefoot Studios
1604 Center Street
Tacoma, WA 98409
Info- 253-380-7981

Who: MG & MH ARTS are Marianne Gary and Michael Hoover. They are an interdisciplinary performing art group that create challenging, emotionally risky and intellectually expanding performances. Marianne and Michael have over 40 years of education, creation and performance experience between them. Please come and show us what you've got!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008



I am just a little fixated on my husband right now. You'll have to bear with me...but, he saved my life after the miscarriage. In the morning after the baby miscarried, neither he or I realized how much blood I had lost during the night and so he was working from home to let me sleep and take care of the girls. I came out of the bedroom and sat down by him at the computer and noticed that my feet were really white. Then I said I couldn't hear anything and proceeded to scare him to death by fainting and choking on vomit along with my own tounge as I convulsed in the chair (lovely, I know).

I came back to consciousness to feel his big, strong hands warm on my head as he held it and talked to 911. He then gave me a quick blessing and I was able to stop shaking and slow my breathing down. We heard the sirens approaching and Aaron stayed by me as he talked to our little daughters who were huddled on the couch wondering what was going on, "it's OK, Myka, Mommy's going to be all right", I heard him say and then, "it's OK Haily, Mommy's going to be all right".

And everything did turn out to be all right, thanks to Aaron, my husband, who I love and will always be grateful for. How did I know all those years ago when I met him that he was the man I would marry? Why am I so lucky to have him love me? So, I am re-enamored of him these days, I can't wait to see him when he gets home, my stomach gets little butterflies when he looks at me with his blue-green eyes and he is constantly on my mind. I love him.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

last weekend

last weekend we lost the baby.

thank you to friends and family for all the sweet messages, flowers and chocolate.

aaron once again is my ultimate hero, he has been constantly concerned, gentle and full of love.

i feel better each day in every way- that rhymed.

it helps to squeeze and kiss my girls a lot.

i am going to go do more of that right now...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

retro patterns


Look what I got while visiting my Grandma's! She had a box full of vintage patterns for women and girls, seeing as she had four daughters. Now, if only I was good at sewing...

(Lambert cousins you are welcome to borrow any of these...I kind of hogged them all, just let me know what you want and I'll send it to you!)

skater girl


Back about two weeks ago we were at the Park City Skate Park. There were tons of boys from ages 8 to 16 years skating, jumping and spinning all over the half-pipes. And there was one 1o year old girl with long blonde hair, skate shoes and cut-offs. She had her own board and could maneuver herself quite well around the rises and dips. I was impressed. I mean, skateboarding has always been for boys, right? Hence the term 'Skater Guy'. This girl didn't seem phased at all that she was solo and she even was trying some trickier board flips. Just so cool.

Seeing this girl made me think about my two daughters. I want them to have that much confidence and sense of self to be able to try and succeed at something they like, no matter what. I want them to feel like they have power within their own lives- like this lone skater girl amidst a sea of skater boys.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

the girls @ sundance




The Sundance Summer Theater holds fond memories for me. Every summer when I was little we would drive from Cali to visit Provo- during that visit we would drive up with all my cousins to see a musical at Sundance. We would bring big blankets and treats and have a ball being entertained in what seemed to be a magical forest theater!


We had the girls dance around on the stage in honor of their Grandma Janine who was among the first group of performers to ever be on that stage.

Anytime Haily has an audience, she is dedicated to her performance... here she was singing a song, quietly and being very serious about it all- we made sure to clap and clap for her when she was done.


And yes, I am wishing I had an awesome camera that would capture my long-legged-leaping-lady, Myka, she actually can leap quite high-I'm impressed- but, then again, I am her mother!

fun @ the mapleton lamberts


These are shots from the two lovely visits we had at my Aunt and Uncle's ranch home in Mapleton. They always have good food, fun for the kids and a beautiful deck and yard - a perfect setting for family to visit and relax.





Jumping w/ cousin Jack.


Bumping w/ cousin Jack.


Myka fell in love with their horses. This one's name is 'Paint'.


Haily did not want to get closer than this...


Here is cousin Jess with fancy hair by her mom- I love finding new ways to do long hair!


Dessert is always delicious and plentiful at the Lamberts. At our second visit we could choose from homemade lemon bars, Henry bars or these vanilla and mint sandwiches. Myka's favorite one was the ice cream- I think she had four of them!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

pretty in white




I have always been good at finding unique and well made dresses at thrift shops. This white summer dress with smocking was a tad too wide for my slender Myka, and so I learned how to 'take it in' at the torso. And now it fits perfect and looks so pretty!

tomatillo ranch



Meikel taught me how to make tomatillo ranch!

1 cup mayo
1 cup sour cream
1 cup buttermilk
1 packet Hidden Valley Ranch
4 tomatillos quartered
2 bunches cilantro
1/4 tsp (or more) ground cayenne red pepper

Stick it all in a good blender, mix it up and pour into serving container- keep in fridge a bit to let it set up before serving.

Meikel served this with homemade pico, pulled pork, pineapple rice, black beans, butter lettuce and fresh tortillas from Bajios. It was delicious! (check out her recipe blog, NOSH)