Saturday, September 29, 2007

masa date

The other weekend Aaron took me out to Masa, an in-demand
mexican restaraunt on 6th Ave in Tacoma.

Myka and Haily were babysat by Johanna,
one of my lovely Young Women. (They have
always been watched by family, so this was
our first 'outside hire'. She did a great job!)

'M'- what a fine letter of the alphabet...

The water was delicious. It was so packed that night;
our carne asada and grilled pizza took some time to
arrive at our table. But once it did, it was excellent!

As we ate, Aaron spotted this limo exiting a Taco Bell
drive thru. A little 'ghetto fabulous', but that's Tacoma for you.

Friday, September 21, 2007

myka's first day of...

Oh what a beauty! My first baby! Myka started
preschool, swim lessons and ballet class this week!
Goodness! This is all going too fast for me!

Every little girls needs a pair of ruby slippers...

I got to sneek in and snap some 'circle time' shots.

This is a new friend with blonde piggytails, Zoey.

Myka is in the 'Pike' class with a friend from church, Aislyn.

Myka and little Rose, all ready for ballet,
also at the 'Y'.

Haily was absolutely devastated that she
not go to class with Myka and the other girls, she
cried for about a half hour.

Myka and her teacher, Miss Rachel.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

9-11 birthday

A 9-11 birthday. Yes. And it is also my Dad's birthday.
We both strive to celebrate in light of the tragic events
of this day in 2001. (Happy Birthday Dad!)

It is proprietous on one's day of birth to
one's self in the upmost effort to achieve such a
state of beauty that all passersby may stop and
greet one with highest regards...

ok, I just wanted to look really cute on my birthday.
So, you know, in went the granny rollers and on went
the hybrid mix of all the different brands of make-up I
I have bursting out of my bag.

When Aaron got home we rushed over to Fred Meyer
for dinner and some cake before I headed off to observe
some dance classes and attend mutual.

OK and so, then at mutual we were playing this cup rhythm
game thing with the kids and I began to feel very strange-
lightheaded and really hot- I can't believe I made it dropping
off girls to their homes before I totally succummed to a violent
reaction to the every-ten-years tetanus shot I had been given
earlier at the doctor's office!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

old school chairs

My Aunt Julie and Uncle Rolf let us take these old primary
school chairs from their huge garage sale back in April.
Last week, Myka and I took a trip to Home Depot to buy
sand paper and four different spray paint colors. We sanded
each chair together and then painted them and they turned
out so great!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

redheaded beauties

Why is it so much fun to take pictures of your
own kids? I really can't get enough of them.
I suppose it should be that way.

Miss Curly-Locks Myka.

Haily looking rather solemn- which is not a
regular state for her.

Look at those long toes! Especially on Myka! Oh my- we
are going to have some difficult shopping trips when she is
like, eight, and already in a size 11 shoe! Dangit!

Loves loves, loves her Daddy. (And what do you think of
Aaron's new cut? I have absolutely no idea what I am doing
with the scissors, but I know what I want it to look like- I need
Holly to email me some pointers...)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

museum of glass

Dale Chihuly is from Tacoma. And so, there
is a Museum of Glass right in the middle of
Downtown Tacoma, where you can view the
glass structures and also watch as students
and master glass blowers render their creations.

Myka and Haily by Jane's Hot Spot. This
is the actual building where they run the fire
furnaces and blow the glass. It's like a big,
silver, upside down sugar cone.

Myka on the Bridge of Glass.

Inside Jane's Hot Spot. (My pics of the artists
working with the furnaces turned out too dark!)

The girl's watched the glass blowing intently with
G'ma Janine. It was quite engrossing to watch the
artists, it made me want to take a class sometime...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

grandma & melodee

My Grandma Carol and Aunt Melodee flew over from
Utah to visit us in the end of July. Myka and Haily were
thrilled to see our beloved relatives! We had been sorely
missing all our Utah family who the girls had become quite
accustomed to being near. This summer visit was greatly

We had three outdoor dinners where Aaron did his BBQ
thing on the brand new grill. In Provo, every Sunday,
without fail, Grandma Carol has a wonderful dinner for
loved ones to gather together at her home up in the tree
streets. (I was glad to finally be serving her dinner for a

A visit to the zoo.

My Mom and Melodee have such a good friendship as sisters,
I want Myka and Haily to be this close when they are grown up.

Aunt Melodee always brings little presents for the girls.
They had fun putting these masks together and then
they wore them all around town the rest of the day!