Thursday, June 19, 2008

blogging & narcissism


About a year ago I came across a blog by a young woman in Utah who called her own blog and everyone else's 'severely narcissistic'. I have thought about that and I do see what she is saying, we all post about ourselves and how great our lives are and what is happening to us. It's like- 'look at me! I am important because this, this and this!' - which does demonstrate a type of self admiration...

On the other hand, one of the very main reasons that I (and I am sure others) started blogging is so that my parents and relatives can easily see pictures of our girls and read what is happening in our lives - they don't live by us and miss the girls terribly. Not to mention the ease blogging affords me to keep in touch with friends across the country.

So, yes, blogs can be narcissistic in a sense, I do have great fun posting about my girls and then reading lovely comments that stroke my idealistic ego- that's quite natural isn't it? But blogging, to me, is not narcissistic at the core because it is more a way of sharing and being connected to others. I believe it is in Greek mythology where we learn the story of Narcissus- the young man who could not share love or connect with anyone but his own reflection in the water, ultimately leading to his lonely demise. So there you go!