Sunday, August 26, 2012


The girls sometimes ask me who was my chubbiest baby...and I tell them that Josy and Haily were pretty much tied.  'But', I say, (no pun intended) 'I was THE CHUBBIEST BABY EVER!'

These glorious rolls belong to six-month-old, Josy, and someday I'll locate proof for my girls of my chubby baby self...stay tuned...

josette's blessing gown

These are out of date pictures- but I still need to post them.  Here is Josette at about six months old in her blessing gown made by our friend from our Tacoma ward, Sandi Pickering.  So lovely!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

g'ma janine's summer visit

We have had a great, two-week visit from Grandma Janine.  The girls love her so much and will miss her when she flies home on Thursday!  (In this pic we have Josy pouting on the side even though I had asked her to sit on G'ma's lap...!)

pioneer day festival

Provo held a fun and fairly well organized Pioneer Day festival on the 24th of July.  My girls tried almost every single booth there and had a lovely time!


Josy can go potty and practice the synthesizer at the same time!

(And she can even do it with her eyes closed!)