Tuesday, June 23, 2009

fun w/ bronwyn's camera


My girlfriend, Brownyn, let me borrow her camera so I could take some pics at Myka's graduation. And then we had some fun that evening...




(Myka is hecka long. She takes ballet and creative dance and it helps with controling those uncontrolable limbs!)



Oh my sweet Haily Jane and her unstoppable charisma- we have to get her into a kids theater class!

myka's kindergarten graduation


Last Thursday, Haily and I picked up Aaron at work so we could attend Myka's kindergarten graduation party.


Myka graduated from Mrs. Hall's class where she has grown and learned so much.


Mrs. Hall and Myka

My first baby! (growing too fast, loosing teeth, using big words, reading on her own!)


Myka and her homies- (Ajah, Manny, Myka, Lilly, Haily, and Alex)


School's out for summer!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

wish list for daddy...

Anyone who has met Aaron or who is lucky enough to have him for a friend knows what a wonderful husband and father he is to us. The girls and I have an extensive wish list for him. We drew him the wishful presents and gave them to him today along with chocolate chip cookies and a steak dinner. We love you Daddy Aaron!

money-from mom

a milkshake-from myka

a brand new laptop-from haily

a rocket-from myka

a baby haily-from haily

and a 20 year old marianne with her gravity defying bikini body-
from 32 year-old marianne with her giving-in-to-gravity, baby-carrying body

Friday, June 12, 2009

siteworks 2009

Siteworks incorporates dance and structural art at Tacoma's world famous Glass Museum. South Sound dance artists have choreographed pieces using the museum grounds as inspiration. Come enjoy this mixture of fine arts! Three days left...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

camera out of order

our camera fizzled out on us about three months ago :(

i know you can blog with just words- but i am more of
a visual being...

must pull self out of slump and visit friends blogs- that will surely
inspire me to start saving my sheckels for a new camera-ohhh
money, money, money!