Thursday, April 19, 2012

spring break in cali

I took the girls to Cali for their spring break.  They loved their Grandparents' houses and wanted to stay.
Here are Myka (in blonde wig that she purchased) and Haily at Union Square, San Francisco.
SF trip next to cool wall graffitti.
Haily @ Ben and Jerry's in Macy's 'Cellar' at Union Square.
The sweet latin guy at the beauty supply shop told Myka her name
is 'Diana' when she wears the wig because that is the name
on it's package.

Grandma and Grandpa Nelson took care of little Josy in Stockton while we traveled to the City.  My girls had endless fun with Grandma's collection of wigs that she uses for her theater performances.  Doesn't Grandpa Eric look good in a blonde bob?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

little helper

Isn't she lovely!  My Josy girl loves to help me make dinner.

(I have a turned a leaf in my parenting adventure and can now boast that our family eats home cooked meals together at the table every week night.
And it only took me fourteen years to figure out!)  

lookin' good

 'Heeeeeyyyyy.... whaaaassssussssspppp?  Lookin' good, reeeeeeaallllll good......'

My mom came out to visit and she got tired of me hanging out in my white robe and awesome grown out hair so she told me I looked like a mental I took a self portrait to check if she was right...
Ahh- much better- phew!  Not really crazy, but feeling sassy with hair blonded and styled and out to dinner with my female relatives!  

josy and 'beardy'

Here is Josy and her Uncle Ryan holding 'Beardy' the bearded lizard who belongs to the school where Ryan works.  Josy thinks he is pretty awesome...Beardy and Uncle Ryan that is.

haily jane turned seven

 Haily is our cheerful and friendly girl.  And she recently turned seven years old!  Love you Haily.

This is Haily with her sister and best friend- even if they don't realize it- on
'Dress Up as Your Favorite Character From a Book' Day.
Beautiful and Brave.

science fair!

Miss Myka and her Dad worked for about a week together being scientists and figuring out her project for the science fair.  They used big magnets, sand and water and discovered that there is definitely a magnetic effect on sand during the process of erosion.  (I think that is right... heh heh)  And Myka got three ribbons!  Heehoo!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


i like this
this guy sounds like sting to me
and i like this kimbra girl's voice

'somebody that i used to know'