Tuesday, May 31, 2011

haily @ ballet

Haily has worked hard since January in ballet class with Miss Jennie.  Josy and I got to watch her class demonstrate their skills last week.  It was great to see Haily really concentrating and focusing on her technique.  I would recommend this studio to those interested and in the Provo area.

Monday, May 30, 2011


So far this book is hitting all the right marks for me.  I have only started glimpsing at it and the ideas inside seem sound.  I am interested in making peace with food and dropping the perpetual dieter mentality- especially since I can sense that my food issues may start to interfere with my kids' natural relationship with food.  I am glad to have found this.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

lazy sunday


After church our family of five put chairs and blankets on the grass outside to lay around chatting, playing and eating strawberry and mint creamies.  It was a lovely way to spend a sunny, Sunday afternoon. 






Sunday, May 15, 2011

redheads for myka

Myka asked the other day if redheads with fair skin can be beautiful. Uhh, 'Yes!', I said. And then looked in her room to see her and Haily playing with their blonde and tan barbies.

(I actually don't think we ever purhased these- many have been birthday party gifts- but I am not sure how playing with a doll that looks like a fully developed woman is helpful for little girls...hmmm)

Anyhoo- I looked up these redheads for Myka- and of course we'll talk about how there are other things to be besides beautiful, but you know, I wanted her to see.  (although Rupert Grint may not fall under the 'beautiful' category...)





Monday, May 9, 2011

haily's b*day pics by meikel

Haily's Auntie Meikel took great pictures at her suprise birthday party in March.
She has a whole post full on her blog, http://lukeandmeikel.blogspot.com/


Here is our dancing girl.  Haily has been attending ballet classes
at the Classical Ballet Academy with Jennie Creer King.  Saturday
she performed on the Covey Arts Center stage as part of a Daddy
      Daughter dance with Aaron.  (Camera was misbehaving for pics with Aaron-
we'll have to have a separate photo shoot). 

2 mile fun run

Myka and her Dad ran her school's two mile fun run on Friday.  Our long legged girl actually runs very well, yet she has this funny hang up on competition- she hates it.  It took some persuading, but she finally agreed to run with a good attitude- and she did great!  (The run was for everyone 1st through 6th grade.  And a fifth grader took first place, coming in way ahead of everyone-  it happened to be a grandson of the Ed Pinegar Family).

Sunday, May 1, 2011

my post to susan boyle

Dear Susan Boyle,

I have watched you take down the house at Britain's Got Talent a few
times now on Youtube and each time I watch it I get choked up. 

Before you begin to sing, people are laughing at you; they think you are funny looking, they think you are old and overweight, they can't possibly imagine that you are something more than your external appearance.  

And then you sing- and you win it all. 

How do I express my admiration?  When I can't even bring myself to get in a swimsuit in the summer to swim with my kids due to such displaced value on physical beauty and the correct body 'size'. 

I dream for such guts and fearlessness as you.  My life is governed by way too much emphasis placed on the temporal facade of physical appearance.  I think I have actually wasted time and resources persuing beauty at the cost of being more helpful to those in the life that surrounds me. 

There is nothing better than when you stand there and shake your head at the laughing audience- signaling to them that you aren't concerned with their shallow opinion...and then they are blown away by your talent. 

Thank you-
Marianne Gary