Monday, April 26, 2010

feliz cumpleanos a aaron

Well, we had to buy the Tacoma Target out of every package of candles they had so we would have enough to put on Aaron's birthday cake last night. He's ooooooolllllld! But, I still think he looks like he is around 25. Seriously- I don't know what it is but he hasn't got any smile lines, no wrinkles, nothing on him sags and no grey hair or excess weight yet. Superficially speaking, I chose a pretty good male speciman to cohabitate with, don't you think? And the better thing is, Aaron is even more wonderful on the inside...

10 Things I Love About Aaron:
1. kind to anyone
2. patient and good with our children
3. highly intelligent
4. a computer programming wiz
5. dedicated, 'hands on' family man
6. nothing he can't fix
7. likes adventure and travel
8. wants to do the right thing
9. blue grey eyes
10. mesmerizing body..oh, oops- did I type that out loud on my public blog?!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

dance to china

Our dancers from the YMCA Dance Companies of Tacoma and Kitsap Counties had the opportunity to travel and tour in China this spring. This trip was a lifetime opportunity for many of these wonderful girls. And to earn their way, they organized and put on a show, Dance To China, in January, for which I did the videography. One of my favorite numbers was a hip hop piece that the girls took with them to perform, 'How You Like Your Eggs'- choreographed by my talented girlfriend, Kristi Hoke.

Friday, April 16, 2010

ada leigh


Beautiful baby, Ada Leigh, belongs to our friends Thomas and Bronwyn Judd. Here she is in her delicately, hand-smocked blessing gown. Bronwyn has mastered the art of heirloom sewing and this sweet, little dress is a great example of her expertise.





Thursday, April 15, 2010

guess who...


Guess who can crawl now- Josy! Yaaay!


Guess who has long enough hair for french braids- Haily does! Huzzah!


Guess who got a new zoo pass- Myka! (insert tiger growl here)

Sunday, April 4, 2010


This is chalfont9, or, my friend, Jessica- Mother or Jesse, Levi, Molly and Asher and Hot Wife to Tim Beecher. I like her because she likes to get a drink and talk. She also loves to hang bold art prints in her home. She is just basically awesome.

Then there is Bronwyn- my friend- Mother of Marley, Townsend, Aislyn, Jairus, Ephraim and little Ada and Beautiful Wife to Thomas Judd. She gave me her old sewing machine. And two nights ago she spent two hours giving me my first lesson in smocking- I have started a dress for Haily. Sooooo wonderful a friend.

And of course my good friend Michael, who I danced with at BYU and who really will someday be a famous artist- he kinda already is... He came over and did our dishes on Friday- the baby and Aaron were sick- and he didn't even flinch at the pile of pots and pans teetering in the sink. What a sweet guy. I am so lucky.

These kind of people in my life make living away from family bearable. Love and thanks to all in the Pacific Northwest who love my little family!