Friday, February 29, 2008

haily jane likes/does not like:

(picture taken by sister Myka)
Haily Jane likes (@ almost 3 yrs old):
-to be sister Myka's favorite playmate
-to eat apples, bananas, kiwis, string cheese, yogurt, 'oapneal' (oatmeal)...the list goes on
-to come down and sleep by her parents in the middle of the night
-to go potty all by herself- with one jelly bean reward after every try
-to still use her binki!!! yikes!! (that will have to end here sooooooon!)

Haily Jane does not like:
-to say goodbye to Myka when she goes to preschool
-when Mom or Dad has to give her time out for hitting her sister (a rare occurance)
-to have to leave any and all playlands, parks, friends houses, fun places, etc.

(There isn't much more...she is such a joyful child! So fun to have in our family!)

myka likes/does not like:

Myka likes (@ 4.5 yrs old):
-to go to preschool and play at recess with Zoey, Quincy & Keagan
-to watch 'Word World', a new PBS Kids learning show
-to have her hair in a 'low ponytail, Mamma, so the hair looks long'
-to play as Ariel and have little sister Haily be Prince Eric
-to have Mom sit by her everywhere they go (Mom's her favorite right now)

Myka does not like:
-to go to bed
-for Mom to say her bum is so cute
-to eat any kind of meat
-when sister Haily won't play as Prince Eric
-when her friend Aislyn has do go home from a playdate

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i cut my own bangs, then tried to take a picture

I watched a web tutorial on how to cut your own bangs and then did it. They turned out all right, but then I was too shy or embarrassed to ask Aaron to take my picture- I don't know why! It doesn't make any sense-just didn't want to! (Note to self: it is rather difficult to take one's own picture using auto flash, bathroom lighting and the mirror's reflection...)

it was too quiet...

It was way too quiet while I was visiting with my friend, and I should have known why... (she actually did an OK job! I put whatever lipstick I'm using on my cheeks so they match- something I picked up from working 2 years @ Victoria's Secret-beauty side, and so Haily must have observed me do this- that would explain the cheeks...)

Friday, February 22, 2008

promo @ the mellon building

(a little light reading...)

Here I go...'Toot toot! ... TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!' I'm tooting my own horn! I guess I am actually tooting Aaron's horn for him (cause he doesn't ever brag). My boy has earned us a promotion within Catholic Health Initiatives as the Senior Programmer Analyst over 40+ Franciscan medical clinics. This is my boy! My 'diamond in the rough'! When we met he was a pauper RM in old shabby skater clothes with only his potential to offer. It was easy to foresee that he would some day earn a degree and be providing more than well for his family.

I think Aaron's educational/professional story is remarkable:

-he is the first person in his immediate (& extended family on his dad's side) to graduate from the full four years of high school and then college. The only scholarly support he ever got was from teachers who told him he had potential.

-since there wasn't a family member who preceded aaron in educational endeavours, he kind of had to forge ahead into 'new waters'. (It's easier when your family guides you toward education, like, in my family, both parents have advanced degrees, so college and graduate school are just kind of assumed for their kids- it's like, 'well, my parent's are capable of degrees, therefore I can accomplish that too.')

-aaron was not given any money for school from his parents. I know everyone is given different lots in life...but I swear it's easier when college and a car are paid for by mom and, Aaron has worked to pay for himself since he was 17. Juggling 40 hours a week with a full school schedule is quite an accomplishment!

And the list continues, but for someone coming from that background and achieving so much, you know what I mean? This guy is a shining star! And he is now researching a Masters Degree and applying to be HIMSS certified. Oh! I am so impressed!

OK- I'll stop...but I am grinning from ear to ear! He got a nice raise and he now works at the Mellon Building, right in the heart of downtown Tacoma, which is becoming quite the place to find good food and cultural arts...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Y dance rehearsal

Here are some shots from our 'Y' dance rehearsal... in two weeks we will be performing a dance revue at a multiple branch, dance staff training. There are four pieces: tap, ballet, jazz and hip hop- it has been really fun rehearsing with this group of talented dancers and I look forward to our performances!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

grey & atmospheric

I have had the good fortune to come back in contact with my dear friend and mentor, Michael Hoover. He actually lives here in Tacoma and is senior choreographer for a Seattle based dance company, Walrus. This company is producing a summer festival where Michael has asked me to collaborate with him on a dance film. I said 'no'... ya right! Of course I said 'yes!' and we are choosing dancers and locations and theme and all that film-y, choreographic stuff.
These pics are Michael's- he just has a regular digital camera and I think these are great shots! This little beach is by Old Tacoma right off North Rushton Road. We are considering this location...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

myka to school & back again

Every weekday at 10:15AM, Haily and I walk with Myka to Franklin Elementary where she attends preschool with a group of about 18 other children.

I like to do Myka's hair when there is time. This day I was glad to get a real tight braid at the top (usually it's too loose and her hair slips out by the end of class).

At school Myka pointed out her artwork about the ladybug book they were reading last week. Then we said, 'goodbye' to her at the door...

and Haily was sad...but after about five minutes I was able to get her out of the building, o gosh!

At about 1:25 we went back to Franklin and picked up Missy M., waved goodbye to her teacher and friends, then walked home with black umbrellas.

Haily was happy to have her big sister home. And both were happy to share a little treat...

while watching and talking to each other about the gentle Washington rain.

haily in hot pink & black

Despite the finger print I didn't realize was on the camera lens, these shots make me smile. Honest to goodness, all I had to do was tell Haily we were going to take some pictures and she did the rest- no joke!

hot pink & black

The girls and I found these hot pink and black bauble bracelets in the Target 1$ bins, so we picked up some fun ribbon, took the bracelets apart and remade them into pretty bauble chokers.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

'paging dr. gary'

Little Haily Jane carried her dolly all around Friday morning. She wrapped it in blankets, sang it songs and even bounced up and down as she held it on her shoulder- funny. And then I remembered the doctor kit we have- she spent a 1/2 hour giving it a check up! She was so serious about it, she talked to it and was very thourough- just like a professional. I love watching her play like that!

Friday, February 15, 2008

gratzie bella!

Grazie Bella and Momma K.! The Valentine bracelets really added some love to Myka and Haily's day!

Here is an upclose shot of the red hot heart & bauble bracelet by Bella!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

rough heart/smooth heart

Rough draft for a heart picture.

Smooth draft for a heart picture.
(Happy 'Valemtimes' Day- as my girls say!)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

transformer tutorial for girls

Ok ladies, time to impress the guys! Here is a brief tutorial concerning the ultra popular 80's cartoon, Transformers: in the alternate universe where mechanical superhero aliens have arrived on earth there are good robotic aliens and, of course, bad robotic aliens. This first image, above, is the Autobot symbol. They are the good guys...
...and here we have the symbol for the evil, robotic warlord aliens, the Deceptacons. Watch out for them! They want to overtake humankind and defeat the Autobot heros! And last, but not least, the mega supreme Autobot defender and beloved leader, Optimus Prime! (see below for rare photograph of the Autobot leader taken in 1984 at an elementary school halloween party)
This steel and transistor superhero fights for the dignity of Autobots and humans alike. Thank you, O reveared Optimus, for protecting us from the corrupted Deceptacons and keeping our world free! (Aaron made this costume all by himself! What a crafty little kid! And might I say, cute!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

three little princesses

Three little princesses dressed up for the festivites of a fun Friday night!

Princess Myka served the sweetheart cakes. Princesses Aislyn and Haily Jane waited so politely!

King Aaron served the white cran & strawberry juice.
Each princess made their own iridescent bauble necklace...

...and changed costumes, like, three times each.

To finish off the evening, these royal beauties snuggled up for a chick flick.
(One of the Queen's favorites from when she was a little princess!)