Friday, February 7, 2014

DIY- 'Frozen' Dancing

OK- so, I am a specialty dance teacher at Arches Academy this year, and during my January classes, anytime I put on the Frozen song, 'Let It Go' during free-dance time, the kids just go NUTS. They dance and sing and use their last ounces of energy and oh my gosh, it is the best thing.  And this is boys and girls, pre-k age all the way to 8th grade. Disney has struck a chord with children and the idea of Elsa and her 'Ice Powers'.

I wanted to let the kids enjoy the 'Frozen' dancing even more this week, and so on my way to teach, I picked up some thick hair bands and a couple of spools of shimmery white ribbon and...oh heck- it was a hit!

It was too hard to teach and take pics at the same time, so I hired some really cute girls to demonstrate this easy, DIY Ice Powers idea.  This is Haily, our great friend Eva, and little Josy.

So, now, if you have kids at home who need to let some energy out while being creative at the same time, have them make their own Ice Powers, put on "Let It Go", sung by India Menzel, move your couches to the walls and "let them go"!  Happy dancing!

 (I couldn't resist, it was so fun to watch that I had to try it myself...)
Thank you to my dancers who followed my directions so perfectly!  Love you girls!  (Josy is in heaven in this picture...)