Saturday, December 15, 2007

myka krystianna

I thought I had lost the disc with these pictures
of Myka in the move! O gosh! So happy to have
them! (They were taken by Vanessa DeHart of
Va Ness Photography in Spanish Fork, Utah.)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

myka's friend aislyn

This is Myka's friend Aislyn. They have a fun and
imaginative time together. On Thursday they played
Princesses and Dragons, so they dressed up in long gowns
and carried bags full of toy animals all around the house,
'rescuing them from the dragons in the tall mountain.'

I'm so glad Myka can have Aislyn as her good friend!

costco on a saturday

It is chaos trying to shop alone with the girls, so we brave
Costco on Saturdays as a family. Today went rather smoothly,
we loaded up our cart quickly and then grabbed dinner at the
food court.

Haily Jane! Pick up the pizza! Yikes!

Myka has always loved the 'purple drink' at Costco.
As we made our way to the Jeep, Haily was
entertaining us with this face while saying,
"Ah-Haaa!" over and over again.

Ya, she knows she's funny.

We thought about going to downtown Tacoma
where the Dicken's Christmas Fair was taking
place but it was sooooooooo cold, we decided
to head home, do baths and drink hot chocolate
in front of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,
the cartoon, of course.

Ho, Ho, Ho-boy did I need a bath!