Wednesday, August 6, 2008

skater girl


Back about two weeks ago we were at the Park City Skate Park. There were tons of boys from ages 8 to 16 years skating, jumping and spinning all over the half-pipes. And there was one 1o year old girl with long blonde hair, skate shoes and cut-offs. She had her own board and could maneuver herself quite well around the rises and dips. I was impressed. I mean, skateboarding has always been for boys, right? Hence the term 'Skater Guy'. This girl didn't seem phased at all that she was solo and she even was trying some trickier board flips. Just so cool.

Seeing this girl made me think about my two daughters. I want them to have that much confidence and sense of self to be able to try and succeed at something they like, no matter what. I want them to feel like they have power within their own lives- like this lone skater girl amidst a sea of skater boys.