Tuesday, August 12, 2008



I am just a little fixated on my husband right now. You'll have to bear with me...but, he saved my life after the miscarriage. In the morning after the baby miscarried, neither he or I realized how much blood I had lost during the night and so he was working from home to let me sleep and take care of the girls. I came out of the bedroom and sat down by him at the computer and noticed that my feet were really white. Then I said I couldn't hear anything and proceeded to scare him to death by fainting and choking on vomit along with my own tounge as I convulsed in the chair (lovely, I know).

I came back to consciousness to feel his big, strong hands warm on my head as he held it and talked to 911. He then gave me a quick blessing and I was able to stop shaking and slow my breathing down. We heard the sirens approaching and Aaron stayed by me as he talked to our little daughters who were huddled on the couch wondering what was going on, "it's OK, Myka, Mommy's going to be all right", I heard him say and then, "it's OK Haily, Mommy's going to be all right".

And everything did turn out to be all right, thanks to Aaron, my husband, who I love and will always be grateful for. How did I know all those years ago when I met him that he was the man I would marry? Why am I so lucky to have him love me? So, I am re-enamored of him these days, I can't wait to see him when he gets home, my stomach gets little butterflies when he looks at me with his blue-green eyes and he is constantly on my mind. I love him.