Wednesday, February 13, 2008

transformer tutorial for girls

Ok ladies, time to impress the guys! Here is a brief tutorial concerning the ultra popular 80's cartoon, Transformers: in the alternate universe where mechanical superhero aliens have arrived on earth there are good robotic aliens and, of course, bad robotic aliens. This first image, above, is the Autobot symbol. They are the good guys...
...and here we have the symbol for the evil, robotic warlord aliens, the Deceptacons. Watch out for them! They want to overtake humankind and defeat the Autobot heros! And last, but not least, the mega supreme Autobot defender and beloved leader, Optimus Prime! (see below for rare photograph of the Autobot leader taken in 1984 at an elementary school halloween party)
This steel and transistor superhero fights for the dignity of Autobots and humans alike. Thank you, O reveared Optimus, for protecting us from the corrupted Deceptacons and keeping our world free! (Aaron made this costume all by himself! What a crafty little kid! And might I say, cute!)