Friday, February 22, 2008

promo @ the mellon building

(a little light reading...)

Here I go...'Toot toot! ... TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!' I'm tooting my own horn! I guess I am actually tooting Aaron's horn for him (cause he doesn't ever brag). My boy has earned us a promotion within Catholic Health Initiatives as the Senior Programmer Analyst over 40+ Franciscan medical clinics. This is my boy! My 'diamond in the rough'! When we met he was a pauper RM in old shabby skater clothes with only his potential to offer. It was easy to foresee that he would some day earn a degree and be providing more than well for his family.

I think Aaron's educational/professional story is remarkable:

-he is the first person in his immediate (& extended family on his dad's side) to graduate from the full four years of high school and then college. The only scholarly support he ever got was from teachers who told him he had potential.

-since there wasn't a family member who preceded aaron in educational endeavours, he kind of had to forge ahead into 'new waters'. (It's easier when your family guides you toward education, like, in my family, both parents have advanced degrees, so college and graduate school are just kind of assumed for their kids- it's like, 'well, my parent's are capable of degrees, therefore I can accomplish that too.')

-aaron was not given any money for school from his parents. I know everyone is given different lots in life...but I swear it's easier when college and a car are paid for by mom and, Aaron has worked to pay for himself since he was 17. Juggling 40 hours a week with a full school schedule is quite an accomplishment!

And the list continues, but for someone coming from that background and achieving so much, you know what I mean? This guy is a shining star! And he is now researching a Masters Degree and applying to be HIMSS certified. Oh! I am so impressed!

OK- I'll stop...but I am grinning from ear to ear! He got a nice raise and he now works at the Mellon Building, right in the heart of downtown Tacoma, which is becoming quite the place to find good food and cultural arts...