Friday, February 29, 2008

myka likes/does not like:

Myka likes (@ 4.5 yrs old):
-to go to preschool and play at recess with Zoey, Quincy & Keagan
-to watch 'Word World', a new PBS Kids learning show
-to have her hair in a 'low ponytail, Mamma, so the hair looks long'
-to play as Ariel and have little sister Haily be Prince Eric
-to have Mom sit by her everywhere they go (Mom's her favorite right now)

Myka does not like:
-to go to bed
-for Mom to say her bum is so cute
-to eat any kind of meat
-when sister Haily won't play as Prince Eric
-when her friend Aislyn has do go home from a playdate