Friday, February 29, 2008

haily jane likes/does not like:

(picture taken by sister Myka)
Haily Jane likes (@ almost 3 yrs old):
-to be sister Myka's favorite playmate
-to eat apples, bananas, kiwis, string cheese, yogurt, 'oapneal' (oatmeal)...the list goes on
-to come down and sleep by her parents in the middle of the night
-to go potty all by herself- with one jelly bean reward after every try
-to still use her binki!!! yikes!! (that will have to end here sooooooon!)

Haily Jane does not like:
-to say goodbye to Myka when she goes to preschool
-when Mom or Dad has to give her time out for hitting her sister (a rare occurance)
-to have to leave any and all playlands, parks, friends houses, fun places, etc.

(There isn't much more...she is such a joyful child! So fun to have in our family!)