Sunday, February 17, 2008

myka to school & back again

Every weekday at 10:15AM, Haily and I walk with Myka to Franklin Elementary where she attends preschool with a group of about 18 other children.

I like to do Myka's hair when there is time. This day I was glad to get a real tight braid at the top (usually it's too loose and her hair slips out by the end of class).

At school Myka pointed out her artwork about the ladybug book they were reading last week. Then we said, 'goodbye' to her at the door...

and Haily was sad...but after about five minutes I was able to get her out of the building, o gosh!

At about 1:25 we went back to Franklin and picked up Missy M., waved goodbye to her teacher and friends, then walked home with black umbrellas.

Haily was happy to have her big sister home. And both were happy to share a little treat...

while watching and talking to each other about the gentle Washington rain.