Tuesday, April 5, 2011

'yo jb!'


You pronounce it 'FIVE HUNDRED MILLION'.  That is how many hits Justin Beiber has for his 'Baby-featuring Ludacris' music video on Youtube.  !Holy-non-dropped-male-voice, Batman! 

Myka and Haily got Justin Beiber's first CD about a year ago- and it probably sounds funny for a mother of three to be saying,  but ...i like it!  I like him, and I love that he uses dance in tons of his videos. 

I secretly wish I could direct a music video for him- I would put him wifh some modern/hip hop dancers and then create some 'contact improv' stuff to an awesome beat.  Hmmm...maybe there's a contest I could win or something...hmmm...

Anyway- I just barely saw the video for "Somebody to Love'.  It rocks- with lots of breakdancing, hip hop and even some chinese fan dancing.  (Now to go practice my 'helicopter').