Monday, April 4, 2011

creme brulee for jake and a cute new baby

After about two trial and errors and then reading tons about making this dessert online- Aaron and I made a pretty good set of creme brulee!

When we moved back to Provo, Aaron met his friend Jake at church and they found they both commute to work.  Jake is a lawyer whose firm resides in Sandy- and Aaron is at IHC's new headquarters in Murray.  So every morning at about 6:20, Jake swings by and they both catch the bus at the University Mall.

I wanted to thank Jake for the ride and so I found out that his favorite dessert is this rather high end custard from France (or Cambridge if you want to argue about it).  We used Alton Brown's recipe and it was very good- once we got it right!

Speaking of getting things 'wright'- we went to see our friends, the Wrights (like my transition?) and we brought a batch of creme brulee to share.  Geoff and Leah have a new house and a new baby girl who I got to hold and coo over Friday night.  It was lovely.  Here is a photo by Leah of new little Kate Naomi:

(Leah owns her own design and  photography business, check it out @ she is awesome.)