Wednesday, April 13, 2011

'remark, the cat....that hesitates before you'

This, 'Remark, the Cat' line from the musical Cats is stuck in my mind, as is the solo by Elaine Paige, Memory.  What a beautiful and melancholy song with a haunting melody and tender lyrics! 

And, as with each time our household is taken over with a great musical, the songs and images swirl around in my mind at all times of the day, even in my dreams at night.  I love how there can be music, theater, film, and all kinds of art forms that take me to a new plane of  living and seeing the world around me.  I am certain the fine arts are a gift to humans, given to enrich our thoughts and perceptions.

Ok!  So! Myka loves Rumpleteazer and Haily loves Victoria the White Cat.  Spring break is a perfect time for them to work on designing their own cat costume, right?  Off to the fabric store we go...

Grizabella the Glamour Cat- Elaine Paige


Victoria- dancing her solo adagio