Wednesday, July 30, 2008

'like a fairytale'


My friend and fellow dance teacher at the YMCA, Kelly (also a gorgeous dancer in her own right) mentioned to me that she peeks at our blog once in a while and says it's 'like a fairytale'! She is so sweet to say so and I bet that is what I project in my posts; wonderful events, happy and darling children, fortunate karma, you know, bliss! I realize, now, that I am very selective of what I post in persuit of creating a 'fairytale blog', inviting the facade that our lives our perfect, that we are perfect and that nothing unfortunate or frustrating ever happens to anyone knows, that would be just too good to be true. I don't want to pretend that my life is flawless, and in pretending set an impossible standard which may help to perpetuate the 'Superwoman' syndrome so prevalant in this particular LDS subculture that I belong to. So here... here are some not so 'fairytale-esque' things that have happened in our lives in the past year:

-our house was broken into, cash and electronics stolen, window smashed

-I have witnessed three incidents of outright abuse of a child (two at Target, one at the zoo - the guy at the zoo who shoved his five-year-old daughter to the ground got an earload from me! Aaron had to pull me away and then we called the zoo security)

-we just bought a home that we want to flip, but look at the market these days!

-our Jeep is on the fritz, even with Aaron being quite the mechanic, he's never got extra time to spend

-my grand plan of helping Aaron's little brother Jeff is not going well, he'll be moving out in November without having stepped foot on a college campus...

-although my girls are close to perfect, they are normal children and there are struggles and changes constantly occurring. Myka is in the 'Haily has more than me' stage, wanting everything to be exactly fair at all times. And, our Haily is usually a bright and shining three-year-old who is an unending source of happiness for me and Aaron, but...when she gets mad, she gets really, really, really mad and the tantrum that ensues is quite loud and sometimes unbearable.

-and lastly, (I hope no one's serotonin levels have dropped too drastically from reading this) our marriage isn't perfect- and not to speak too openly or betray any sort of confidence- we have misunderstandings, miscommunications and days where things just don't jive between us. Aaron does win some sort of prize though because he is constantly kind, even when I know I have made him upset, he is able to maintain composure and be kind to me, even when I honestly don't deserve it. (So I guess Aaron is perfect, but not me!)

Holy Moly! Is that enough to balance it all out and keep things on an even keel? Kelly, I am so sorry to have throttled your idea of my blog! You are sweet to visit and I promise there will be more plenty lovely posts in store, but from now on maybe I'll throw in a 'bad hair day' here or there!