Wednesday, July 23, 2008

heath ledger's 'joker'

(Yikes! Like clown make-up applied in a windstorm!)

I was able to see a few movies while on vacation: Hellboy II, Mama Mia and Batman- The Dark Night. They were all fun to sit through. But, I must admit, I was anticipating watching Heath Ledger as the maniacal, anarchic villain in Christopher Nolan's newest Batman. And Ledger DELIVERED. It was mesmerizing to watch his ferocious, sarcastic and unrelenting character fester and ooze all over the screen. Ledger steals absolutely every scene he is in.

It wasn't until about a month ago when I saw him in Brokeback Mountain that I realized how well he absorbs and disappears into his characters. Heath Ledger's performance in what I would call a love story and not a 'gay cowboy movie', was exactingly superb. What a tragedy to have lost this young, handsome talent so relatively early in his career- and also that he left behind a sweet, little daughter!

He is a must see in Batman! The movie is a gritty, dark, psychological crime thriller-so proceed with caution, especially with younger teens. But it is also fast-paced, witty, funny and well worth your money. (Christian Bale is plenty lovely as the awesome, brooding, caped crusader along with one of my all time favorite actors, Gary Oldman, as the hard-working and honest Commissioner Gordon).