Wednesday, July 23, 2008

byu dance workshop

While visiting Utah, I went down to the 'dance end' of the Richardson Building at BYU to observe some classes to help in my development as a teacher. It is always a bit strange to visit because I used to basically live in that building- eating, sleeping, studying and most of all dancing. I was able to watch one day of a modern workshop taught by Karl Fink, a professional from Minnesota. He taught a sweepingly energetic across-the-floor combination with side leaps, a cartwheel and knee slides. Many of the dancers in his workshop were actually professors and I think Dancer's Company members and so the level of dance quality was quite high and especially lovely to watch. I got to chat with my old Dancensemble director, Pat Debenham, he was a great teacher and director. And I got some solid ideas to help formulate my modern class at the YMCA starting in September!