Wednesday, May 21, 2008

stephen sondheim+tim burton=


I thought I was a musical guru...and then at Christmas time, while in California, my Aunt Melodee told me about Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, ya, I had never heard the score or read anything about it, so I am not the expert I thought I was!- heh, heh. It sounded grisly and demented and therefore interesting (I have this thing with scaring myself silly, I read books about serial killers and then wonder why I can't sleep well for months at a time)...anyway...yes, Sweeney Todd, the musical by Stephen Sondheim, is a work of melodic genius. This thrilling musical follows the french theatrical tradition, grand gignol: a type of theatre show that is dark in nature, includes murder and has a melancholy ending. The score is hauntingly original. It's sarcastic yet often poignant lyrics are woven perfectly into it's intricate melodies.

So, the other night Aaron rented the Sweeney Todd movie directed by Tim Burton starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonhem-Carter...and I'm hooked! It is Tim Burton at his best. I believe it was nominated for different things, but took home the Oscar for Art Direction- and Johnny took the Golden Globe for Leading Actor. Oh so fun! A couple of songs from the score that have stuck with me over this last week are ' Johanna', a ballad about a young, beautiful girl, and 'Green Finch and Linnet Bird', sung by the character Johanna. But most of all...for me... the most lovely and sad song is hands down 'My Friends', sung by Todd and his admirer, Mrs. Lovett. Oh! It is so fun to find music to love and listen to over and over! (And now I am closer to being the musical guru I fancied myself to be...I'm such a dork, geez!)