Sunday, December 11, 2011

let that pendulum swing!!

(This last shot is my attempt for Zoolander's 'Blue Steel')              


 Swing back to the days where a girl with curves was the model for beauty and desired proportion!  Swing back to being robust over skeletal, hourglass over emaciated!  It has taken two decades of my life to realize that my tall frame and predominantly endomorphic tissue make up are actually lovely.

For two decades my eyes have roved over magazine ads, glossy pictures, TV shows and movies where tiny, skinny women with the figures of prepubescent boys (no hips, no breasts) have been held aloft as the beacons for what is considered pretty or desirable.  No thank you!  No more!  I am done worrying about 'skinny' and dare others to do the same.  Muscles- yes, health- yes, curves- yes, yes, yes!