Wednesday, February 11, 2009

valentine movies

Big, fat movie buff that I am - I am gearing up to watch some favorite romance films this weekend (in between baking sugar cookies w/ the girls, delivering cards to friends and spending alone time w/ my own valentine-and yes- eating too much expensive chocolate)

I will list some of my favorites and then please tell me yours:

Last of the Mohicans (for the love part not the gory revolutionary war stuff)


Shakespeare in Love

Say Anything

Cold Mountain

Moulin Rouge (maybe I can bribe Aaron into sitting through the entire thing...)

Romeo & Juliet (any version- but especially Baz Lurman's)

Far & Away

Princess Bride

There are actually tons more- but I'll stop there- oops one more- that I hope cupid brings me on Saturday- Amelie- (girlfriends that are cautious w/ R ratings- I totally respect that- but you have to see this one on Clearplay! I really can't think of a more beautiful, loving, romantic heroine than Amelie Poulain. OK! Happy love movie watching!