Wednesday, November 5, 2008

my best childhood friend


This beautiful woman is my best childhood friend, Maria. We met in the fifth grade and were attached at the hip all the way until our senior year of high school. We played on the same soccer teams, we were always in choir class together and whenever I was not at my own house, I could easily be found at the Mendoza household.

After highschool it was hard to stay connected. There was a falling out and we went separate ways. So, for the past 11 years we did not talk or write or anything. Whenver I thought of her, I would wonder how she is doing and what was going on in her life.

Last Christmas I was in town visitng my parents and had this crazy feeling that I should drop a note by her house, and before I could pause to stop myself, I was at her front door with my heart in my throat. I left a small note and walked away feeling so bizarre, but good.

After New Years when I was back home, I was blogging one night and the phone rang. Aaron answered and asked who was calling. He looked over at me with big eyes and mouthed the word "MARIA".

She had called my parent's house and then called me! It felt so good to hear her voice. And we were able to talk as much as we could about the years we had missed in each other's lives. We figured that we could try a bit of a friendship through email. I am very glad to say that it is going well.

Maria is a successful and loving mother of this darling little girl in the photo. And she recently graduated with a degree in education. I am so happy for her and the person she is. It feels really good to be able to know how she's doing and to keep in touch online. As we have said to each other, although our lives are worlds apart now, we will always remember each other as that special, best childhood friend. And I love that she is that person for me.