Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ms. laura's creative movement class



Yes, I am heavily biased towards creative dance for children. I grew up taking creative dance. Some people are not sure what creative movement is. It is a dance class designed soley for children to come about movement in the ways they naturally move. For example, when children play outside they run, hop, skip, jump, tumble and on and on. In creative movement, the teacher uses 'play' as a means to elicit development of the children's movement, coordination skills and creativity. It gives children the opportunity to be fully invested in their movement experience because it is what their body and mind are naturally interested in doing.

Anyone who is near a facility that offers creative dance for children should sprint, not run, to sign their kids up! I owe much of my success as a dancer and creative artist to my childrens dance teachers! If you are in Tacoma, Ms. Laura at the YMCA and Grant Elementary is a top of the line teacher. And for my girlfriends in live in the absolute best state for children's creative dance! BYU has the best children's dance program you can find, hands down. It is ideal for children of all ages, girls and boys.

So, anyway, I'll step off the soap box. Here are Myka and Haily on Monday at their favorite dance class, doing their favorite thing in dance class, dancing with the scarves!