Sunday, October 21, 2007

past halloweens

Halloween 1998: Aaron as Lloyd Christmas
from Dumb and Dumber

Halloween 2004: The Flinstones, Myka was perfect
as 'Pebbles'! (Haily in tummy.)

Halloween 2005-Mamma Butterfly Fairy and Haily Jane Fairy.

Myka was Dorothy, or 'Toto' as she used to say.

Aaron was Dr. Tobias Funke, the world's first
analyst/therapist, of Arrested Development.
(Anyone out there not a fan? Just give the
'Pier Pressure' episode a try and see why we
love it so).

Halloween 2006: Aaron as Cousin Tony from
South Jersey.

Myka was so excited to be Alice in Wonderland! Haily and
her cheeks were the White Rabbit.

This Halloween Myka has found a 'Magical Barbie Pegasus'
costume and I am putting together an 'Annie' costume for
Haily. It's gonna be great 'fro-ing' her hair out with curls
from the mini sponge rollers!