Saturday, October 6, 2007

rainy saturday

Cold, wet, rainy day! So we did lots of different
indoor activities... first was a huge bubble bath,
then a short movie and hair-dos. This is the first
time Haily's hair has been long enough to put in

Next we made Uncle Jeff's famous 'Corpsegrinder'
cookies. Warm and delicious!

Myka spent a fair amount of time on her Speak & Spell.

And she loves her computer learning games! Her favorites
are The Learning Company's 'Tortoise and the Hare' and
Disney's Magic Artist.

Aaron had to spend most of the day preparing the basement
for Sears to come update our ancient furnace system. Here
he is being so sweet and lettting Haily 'help' him pay bills online.

Oh, me and my general-purpose camera... aside from
the flash glare bouncing off of our maroon wall, this
picture makes me happy on this gloomy, grey day.