Monday, November 19, 2007

in the meantime...

This babelicious bunch of beauties are my Tacoma Girls of the
Highland Hills ward- Zetta, Dana, Catharine, Felicity, Netta,
Shelby and Johanna- missing Lisa, Colleen and Cori. A week ago
we celebrated their Night of Excellence where I showed a film all
about them! Each girl was spotlighted and interviewed and then
it was all set to their favorite songs. (I did the same thing with my
Provo girls last year and now both times Aaron, Myka and Haily J.
have been patient and helpful while I run around to film and
then spend late hours putting it all together!) And that is what
has occupied my every moment for about two weeks, leaving me
no energy to even check email!

But in the meantime...

My little Myka girl has figured out how to use the camera ...

Uncle Jeff has patiently sat through many a makeover
courtesy of Haily Jane's Boutique...

And Haily Jane (or Janey as I have always wanted to called her)
has begun painting with my watercolors...

Oh my beauty girl! Those cheeks are so great!
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!