Saturday, October 16, 2010



(And don't think it won't happen to you- younger humans- it will.)

So- this September I turned 34 and had a midlife crisis. I mean I went through and am still going through this phase of wondering about all my choices in life and worrying over wrinkles and leftover pregnancy pounds and uhhhhhhhh.... then I go to Office Depot with my SD card and I know there are pictures on there somewhere that I need printed for a YMCA photo project and this young, polite, teenage boy employee is helping me load and look through the thumbnails and of course the first one that pops open in full size is this one.

Yep. It's me, taking-'am I still attractive?' shots to reassure the superficial and vain side of myself. And this isn't actually the full picture the poor lad saw- I mean I'm clothed! but I was just 'busting out' all over the frame.

I was horrified of course and apologized left and right to this young man who laughed a bit and was really nice about it- but then had to ask if there were any more shots like this he would need to worry about...I just died.

I won't be going back to Office Depot anytime soon.