Monday, October 18, 2010

atreyu broom or edward broom

Friday evening at the Garys:

Myka: No Haily! I am not going to be the boy! I want to be Tigress Cheetah Princess... Momma, Haily is telling me I have to be the prince and I told her I don't want to and-

Me: Oh my gosh girls! Haily- Myka can be whoever she wants to be- she doesn't have to be the boy, OK? OK?

(Haily stands silent looking out the front window with her back to me.)

Me: Myka, just be Tigress or maybe you guys should take a break from playing together-

Haily: I need her to be the prince! I am the snow princess and I have to dance with the prince!


Me: Here, Haily- use the broom.

Haily: No!

Me: Look it's Edward (I taped the Twilight cover to the top of the broom)

Me as Edward: Snow Princess, please will you dance with me?

Haily: I don't want to dance with a broom!

Edward Broom: (falls to the ground with a smack)

Me: Oh Haily! You've broken Edward's heart! He's dead on the floor!

Myka: (Mom, Haily likes Atreyu, not Edward)

Me: OK well I don't have a picture of Atreyu...

Me as Atreyu: Snow Princess, It is I, Atreyu, The Warrior, will you do me the honor of dancing with me?

Haily: Slowly turning around with a teeny smile...'Yes, Atreyu."

Do I get mom points? Or what!!!!