Monday, April 26, 2010

feliz cumpleanos a aaron

Well, we had to buy the Tacoma Target out of every package of candles they had so we would have enough to put on Aaron's birthday cake last night. He's ooooooolllllld! But, I still think he looks like he is around 25. Seriously- I don't know what it is but he hasn't got any smile lines, no wrinkles, nothing on him sags and no grey hair or excess weight yet. Superficially speaking, I chose a pretty good male speciman to cohabitate with, don't you think? And the better thing is, Aaron is even more wonderful on the inside...

10 Things I Love About Aaron:
1. kind to anyone
2. patient and good with our children
3. highly intelligent
4. a computer programming wiz
5. dedicated, 'hands on' family man
6. nothing he can't fix
7. likes adventure and travel
8. wants to do the right thing
9. blue grey eyes
10. mesmerizing body..oh, oops- did I type that out loud on my public blog?!