Saturday, October 4, 2008

i wrote a press release!

I have never done this before. I just followed a template from online and made sure to 'fabulousize' everything (that wasn't hard because the show actually is fabulous). But, now I get to release it to every type of magazine and paper in the south sound area.

For Immediate Release
Contact: Michael Hoover
Phone: 253-380-7981


Two exciting weekend shows in October will exhibit repertory works, premiere pieces and a new dance film from four different south sound dance artists.

MG & MH ARTS, a dance art collaborative, along with the BareFoot Collective, present Peeples, a multimedia and live dance performance at BareFoot Studios. This dance presentation will run for two weekends in October: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, October 17th-19th and again the next weekend, October 24th-26th. All shows will begin at 8PM. This show will bring together four choreographers’ brilliant and insightful dance works. It is a show about people, about taking a look at peoples lives and experiencing a little interaction with them.

In his piece, Threesided, choreographer and BareFoot Collective member, Michael Hoover has experimented with the idea of an individual and the different sides that culminate to create the whole person. The audience has a chance to ‘peep’ into the interesting realms of his personality from three sides. Hoover will also be presenting a premier ensemble piece with nine dancers that has been created using the choreographic elements of improvisation and a focus on the different types of people one meets in life.

Marianne Gary of MG&MH ARTS is pleased to give performance goers a visual display of her inner self through the medium of dance and film. She uses the exceptional dance performance ability of BareFoot Collective member, Katharine M. Stricker to express her inner experience of the last five months. Gary explains:

“Dance is a perfect way for me to communicate the emotions of my experience through giving movement and breath to words and feelings I may never find a way to express otherwise”.

Also sharing her exquisite talent at the Peeples performance is dancer, choreographer and Collective member Amanda Herman. She will be performing an elegant solo piece from her repertory of dance creations. Ms. Herman’s performing talents are exhibited not only at BareFoot concerts but also with the Seattle based performing group, Walrus.

Dancer and choreographer Rosa Vissers is a valuable addition to the Peeples show. Originally from the Netherlands, Vissers brings with her a unique perspective and stunning clarity of movement in her dance ability, which she will display in her outstanding and beautiful solo piece.

BareFoot dance concerts have a unique, intimate quality in that the dancers and audience are less than three yards from one another. Energy flow between performer and viewer is intensified through this close proximity. The audience is witness to the strength, concentration and stamina exhibited by the dancers as they draw their watchers into the dance and maneuver themselves through the choreography and space. This exclusive feature at BareFoot makes for a completely different viewing experience than in a traditional theater setting, where more than 20 yards may separate dancers from their audience.

This fall time BareFoot performance of Peeples features dancers with an impressive age range- 14 to 65 years old. These lovely and energetic performers comprise an exceptional ensemble that includes dancers Blue Hesikx, Megan Radomski, Stephanie Kriege, Marissa Olson, Kristie Hoke, Jeanne Douville and Katharine M. Striker.

Peeples will be presented two weekends in October. The dates are as follows: October 17th, 18th, 19th and October 24th, 25th & 26th. Each show begins at 8PM at BareFoot Studios, 1604 Center Street in Tacoma. Tickets are available online at or from the dancers, $15 General Admission, $12 Student, Senior, Military.

If you would like more information about the show, or to schedule an interview with Michael Hoover, please call 253-380-7981 or email him at