Wednesday, April 9, 2008

tag- i'm it

Meikel and Luke bought these huge coloring books for the girls when they visited and we all had a turn coloring with Myka and Haily. Meikel named this one 'Marianne in the Morning'. How I wish I looked like a wistful anime fairy every time the sunlight awakens me...

Washington women are 'tagging' each other up here! So here's my 'I'm it' answers. (And now I tag Utah beauty Leah Wright.)

Ten years ago:
I was a newlywed in Stockton, CA working as a Customer Service Rep for The Good Guys-(it was like Circuit City)- I had a full schedule of classes at Delta College and had just received my letter of acceptance to Brigham Young University.

3 Things on my to do list today:
-clean the car out, vacuum it and wash it
-cut, burn and turn in my songs for the YMCA dance recital
-start making a shot list for an upcoming dance film shoot

If I were a billionaire:
-pump $ into a program that educates girls- gives low income or uncared for girls a chance at college and a career- we must educate girls! -it ensures the future- they bear the children who become the next population. After that, of course, I would buy a posh home in Seattle or San Francisco and a top of the line sports car for my hub.

3 secret bad habits
-I stay up way late every night hanging out with this brown haired, blue-eyed guy...
-zit picker- gross!!! but ya, i love picking zits...
-movie goer- even R movies! dun, dun, dun! i love film- i try hard to research the film first- and we did buy clear play- but i love, love, love film and hence i see some r here and there- dangit!

5 places I have lived:
-Mountain View, CA
-Provo, UT
-Tacoma, WA
-Stockton, CA
(that's it- I mean we have traveled- been to Europe but alas we didn't live there)

5 jobs I 've had
-summer camp arts/crafts director
-after school arts dance teacher
-phlebotomist @ alpha plasma
-victoria's secret beauty side associate
-folk dance & aerobics teacher @ BYU

5 things people don't know about me
-I hang out at Target
-I am a closeted JT fan
-I have written a couple of ballads on the piano & guitar
-I am writing/illustrating a book- for girls
-I daydream...a lot and I dream at night a lot too and I always remember the dream, vividly, when I wake up.