Tuesday, April 1, 2008

haily's birthday boutique

This was Haily's first birthday where she has had an official party with friends invited and so Mom kind of went all out...I get to do that, I'm her mom!

This cute cash register from Uncle 'Rynee' (Ryan) spawned the 'boutique themed' party.

The Invitation: pink cans, pink cards and pink & white Skittles in miniature bags. Sister Myka addressed each invite herself, with...you guessed it, a pink pen.

As each little guest arrived, they were given a cute purse full of 'money' to spend as they pleased in the shoppe.

Haily's Birthday Boutique specializes in only the finest and most stylish little girl playdresses...

Boutique Features: Polish table- where each guest was treated to a rainbow coded manicure- such tiny little nails are fun to paint!

Boutique Jewelry Collection: Haily's Boutique carries a unique line of little girl necklaces and bracelets. Here is one style that was available for each girl at the party.

The Refreshments: These fun, pink sparkle drinks along with white cake, strawberry, vanilla and whipped cream trifle in pretty ice cream dishes.

The Birthday Gifts: Each girlfriend bestowed upon Haily such thoughtful and lovely presents...thank you!

The Result: A happy birthday party that big sister got to be involved with and where my Haily girl felt like a princess surrounded by her darling friends and loving family!