Thursday, March 20, 2008

march birthdays!

So many March Birthdays! So many people I love! Happy Birthday to each person! I hope your birthday is/was wonderful this year! Love, Marianne!

March 1st= Felicity Starbard, my Laurel, turned 17

March 2nd: Jeffery Gary, my scoundrel brother-in-law, turned 20

(yes, this is the little scoundrel who we invited to live with us to help him have more opportunities, and he ended up getting himself kicked out! Luckily, we still love him and he knows it, and we have been able to move past this drama. Ladies, he is 6'1, sandy blonde with blue eyes and single, single single! Send him a message @

March 3rd: Meikel (Lambert) Reece, my strikingly beautiful cousin, turned 25

March 4th: Karalee (Lambert) Arnell, my strawberry-blonde cousin, turned 31

March 5th: Marley Judd, lovely daughter of my girlfriend, Bronwyn, turned 11.

March 15th: Ryan Nelson, my comedian little brother, turned 29

March 18th: Johanna Simmons, my Mia Maid, turned 15

March 22nd: Annie (Lambert) Andrus, my cousin and new mommy, turned 25

March 23rd: Dana O'Dell, my Laurel, turned 17

March 23rd: Haily Jane Gary, my beloved daughter, turned 3!