Thursday, September 6, 2007

grandma & melodee

My Grandma Carol and Aunt Melodee flew over from
Utah to visit us in the end of July. Myka and Haily were
thrilled to see our beloved relatives! We had been sorely
missing all our Utah family who the girls had become quite
accustomed to being near. This summer visit was greatly

We had three outdoor dinners where Aaron did his BBQ
thing on the brand new grill. In Provo, every Sunday,
without fail, Grandma Carol has a wonderful dinner for
loved ones to gather together at her home up in the tree
streets. (I was glad to finally be serving her dinner for a

A visit to the zoo.

My Mom and Melodee have such a good friendship as sisters,
I want Myka and Haily to be this close when they are grown up.

Aunt Melodee always brings little presents for the girls.
They had fun putting these masks together and then
they wore them all around town the rest of the day!