Sunday, September 16, 2007

9-11 birthday

A 9-11 birthday. Yes. And it is also my Dad's birthday.
We both strive to celebrate in light of the tragic events
of this day in 2001. (Happy Birthday Dad!)

It is proprietous on one's day of birth to
one's self in the upmost effort to achieve such a
state of beauty that all passersby may stop and
greet one with highest regards...

ok, I just wanted to look really cute on my birthday.
So, you know, in went the granny rollers and on went
the hybrid mix of all the different brands of make-up I
I have bursting out of my bag.

When Aaron got home we rushed over to Fred Meyer
for dinner and some cake before I headed off to observe
some dance classes and attend mutual.

OK and so, then at mutual we were playing this cup rhythm
game thing with the kids and I began to feel very strange-
lightheaded and really hot- I can't believe I made it dropping
off girls to their homes before I totally succummed to a violent
reaction to the every-ten-years tetanus shot I had been given
earlier at the doctor's office!