Thursday, August 30, 2007

cannon beach

This July we took a trip down I-5 to Cannon Beach where
we had a wonderful vacation with the Nelson side of our
family. Cannon Beach was the setting for all of my Dad's
childhood summers. His family owned a cabin next to the
Ecola Lodge. It was that cabin where he and my Mom stayed
for their honeymoon back in 1975.

My parents, Eric and Janine Nelson, at Haystack Rock.
(32 years married this August!)

Walking through all the Cannon Beach shops was really fun.
The girls loved watching the taffy being made here at Bruce's
Candy Shoppe.

Haily meets Watermelon Taffy.

Myka and Uncle Ryan

All the stores at CB have hanging flower baskets or big
window boxes of colorful blossoms. Aaron said he would
make me two like this to go on the front bay windows of
our house- he's so sweet.

Haily and Uncle Scott

Myka and Haily loved all the extra attention and affection
from their grandparents and uncles.

Our lodgings were just a small walk from the beach and
every time we stepped outside we would find cute, baby
bunnies hopping about. The girls couldn't get enough of
feeding them!

I can't figure how I missed getting a picture of Aaron and
myself going out on our hot date to the Lumberyard Grill,
eating fresh Dungeness Crab and catching the 9:10 showing
of the Transformers movie in Seaside. Yes, Aaron loved, loved,
loved Transformers when he was little. The movie was actually
quite good! The lead boy was terribly cute and all the cars doing
their transforming stuff was very cool. (It was actually more fun
to watch Aaron watch the movie, he had a perma-grin the entire
time and he nearly lept out of his seat when Optimus Prime
arrived on the scene!)