Wednesday, August 8, 2007

...and there was this skater guy

It has been so crazy these last few months with moving and trying to find a house, that Aaron and I kind of skimmed over our 10th anniversary. I think we bought some Ben & Jerry's and fell asleep trying to eat it- sad! So, now, two months later things are still hectic, but I thought I would recount the very first time I saw him...

It was ten years ago... in Stockton, California, I went to a Friday night LDS institute activity expecting to see the regular people, the same ho-hum guys I already knew I didn't want to date... and then, there he was, standing in the middle of the room, a tall, slim and very cute, skater guy. His head was shaved and you could see two or three scars across his forehead and scalp, (probably from his daredevil skateboarding attempts). He had on a brown hoodie and grey cargo cut-offs. And to complete the ensemble, a pair of shabby Vans, they were black with a white reflector stripe across the length of the shoe. Ya, he was looking like such a skater rebel, and that was just so interesting to me.

Everyone was eating pizza and talking, but not me, I was watching and waiting for a chance to attract this boy's attention. After a full hour of failing at every attempt I finally went up to him and introduced myself. He was very sweet and we talked a little, long enough for me to find out that this blue-eyed, dark-haired, olive-skinned guy was not a rebel- but quite the opposite- a recently returned missionary, so fresh off his mission that he hadn't even had a chance to get new clothes yet! And his shaved head was a result of his sister's well meaning hair cut gone awry.

Alas, he wasn't a street punk! But, he was a very attractive, athletic RM who liked all kinds of funky music, had an understated sense of humor, awesome calves and really darling, perfect lips that I found myself staring at for too long...ahem... anyway, that was the first time I met Aaron all those ten years ago. Now, in 2007 it is I who gives him the bad hair cuts and those lips of his are still mesmerizing... (sigh!)