Friday, January 17, 2014

mean girls

They exist at every school.  They operate in groups.  And we have already run into an ugly little patch of them here where we live.  Should I report their behavior?  Should my girls even bother being friends with them?  We live in Happy Valley where most of the kids here go to church on Sunday, where they learn about the Gospel and the Golden Rule...  Maybe parents don't even realize their daughters are the 'mean girls' at school.  This is one thing that I could totally do without. 

I am having flashbacks:  
When I entered a new school in fifth grade way back in the 80s, I was targeted by a group of mean girls who all wore the high end clothing and had perfectly in-style hair cuts.  They didn't like me, I don't for sure know why, I didn't even know any of them!  I was cute, had shiny blonde hair and confidence; that must have bothered them because they hazed me for an entire year.  No teacher noticed, no parent caught on, and only two girls stuck with me as friends, an African American girl and a Latina girl. Bless them Lord, forever and ever.  

I do wish an adult had helped me, even if it was to try and help me understand the situation clearly and what sort of power I could have for myself on the playground, excuse me, I mean "battlefield'.

So, report mean girls, right?  Or will that backfire for my own girls at school?  Will the group be even meaner, and just hide it behind fake smiles?  I actually don't know how to handle this very well.  Some websites say to stay as little as possible out of the social seen at your kids' school.  But at what point do parents need to become a part of it?  Need help..