Thursday, July 25, 2013

Henry Cavill vs. Kip Dynamite

I have been to Man of Steel twice now.  The first time was to just see it.  And the second time was to make sure my eyes were believing what they were seeing-- I am, of course, referring to Henry Cavill as Superman, I mean, Toogoodlookingtobetrue-man.

How is that fair?  How is it that one guy gets to look like Henry, AKA, Cal-El, and another gets to look like the guy who plays Kip in Napolean Dynamite?  Ok, so, one is showered with opportunities, modeling contracts, women, money, etc-- and then Kip over here hasn't been on screen since the late 90s, right?

All because of looks!?  Why is it that we are so transparent?  Why do we worship beautiful people?
I am so tired of 'us' -collectively- as only seeing people as 'pretty', 'not pretty', 'fat', 'not fat', and on and on and on...

Aren't you?

OK-  anyhoos.

Calming down...

(Heh heh-  There was one cool surprise I found after researching this British-Born-Feast-for-Eyes,
any woman he has dated or had romantic ties with has been totally curvey!!  Look at his girlfriend, in blue, in the picture!  Major curves!  Pardon me, but I'll always love it when curvey figures win over sickly, flat-as-a-surfboard, stick figures-----score curves!)