Thursday, April 19, 2012

spring break in cali

I took the girls to Cali for their spring break.  They loved their Grandparents' houses and wanted to stay.
Here are Myka (in blonde wig that she purchased) and Haily at Union Square, San Francisco.
SF trip next to cool wall graffitti.
Haily @ Ben and Jerry's in Macy's 'Cellar' at Union Square.
The sweet latin guy at the beauty supply shop told Myka her name
is 'Diana' when she wears the wig because that is the name
on it's package.

Grandma and Grandpa Nelson took care of little Josy in Stockton while we traveled to the City.  My girls had endless fun with Grandma's collection of wigs that she uses for her theater performances.  Doesn't Grandpa Eric look good in a blonde bob?