Thursday, June 2, 2011

short hair cut

I chopped off my long, shiny blonde hair about a month ago and I had a retarded, emotional fallout over it.  And I wish I hadn't been so attached to it- or relied so heavily on it to feel pretty...

I am still a little perplexed as to how I let myself be so... so...I can't think of the right word right now, not 'shallow', something else..

So- what is this idea of women wanting long hair to feel attractive?  Or of men prefering long hair on women... 

(I guess not everybody does- but you know- how many lingerie catalogue models have short hair? Barely any because somehow long hair is romantic, womanly and sexy- can I type the word 'sexy' on my family blog?)

Well,  I looked up, 'Do men prefer long hair?', on google, and an article entitled, "10 Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature", from Psychology Today popped up first. 

And aside from learning alot of other things about why men prefer what they do, I learned why long hair carries the weight it does in terms of attractiveness to men.

Subconsciously, before our modern day, when men were looking for a potential mating partner, healthy, shiny, shoulder-legnth hair was a physical proclamation of good health.  It said, "I have been healthy for this long...". 

Aha!  That makes a little sense.  Aaron has admitted he prefers long hair on most women and me in particular.  And perhaps I was too caught up having long hair in an effort to extend supposed 'fecundity' (a new word for me).  But maybe I just liked to hide behind my long hair...I don't know!

(All the other items I learned about mens' physical preferences in a mate, like breast to waist to hip ratio, color of hair and color of eyes, link back to the ultimate goal of successful procreation, survival of the species.  The article does state that the preferences are politicaly incorrect, nevertheless, 'are what they are.'  It was interesting.----by the way---pic of Barbie is not to represent me- but the male physical preference specifications pointed out in the article...)