Sunday, May 1, 2011

my post to susan boyle

Dear Susan Boyle,

I have watched you take down the house at Britain's Got Talent a few
times now on Youtube and each time I watch it I get choked up. 

Before you begin to sing, people are laughing at you; they think you are funny looking, they think you are old and overweight, they can't possibly imagine that you are something more than your external appearance.  

And then you sing- and you win it all. 

How do I express my admiration?  When I can't even bring myself to get in a swimsuit in the summer to swim with my kids due to such displaced value on physical beauty and the correct body 'size'. 

I dream for such guts and fearlessness as you.  My life is governed by way too much emphasis placed on the temporal facade of physical appearance.  I think I have actually wasted time and resources persuing beauty at the cost of being more helpful to those in the life that surrounds me. 

There is nothing better than when you stand there and shake your head at the laughing audience- signaling to them that you aren't concerned with their shallow opinion...and then they are blown away by your talent. 

Thank you-
Marianne Gary